This is a hot topic nowadays. What happens when people get hyper sensitive about getting contagious airborne diseases.

Whether you are a guest or a host, and especially if you have to get on a plane to or from China, you may have concerns about what kind of precautions to take.

Is it safer to stay in a BNB rather than go to a hotel? It’s possible since a BNB offers more separation between yourself and other travelers. In other words, you don’t have the “cruise ship” syndrome or potential for the “legionnaire disease” when everyone shares the same air space.

How a house is cleaned, or how able it is to be cleaned can be important. Hard surfaces can be more easily disinfected. Washing towels and linen with special disinfectant additives, drying and washing  at highest heat settings and sun drying when possible help with getting the 99.9% kill rate advertised by the manufacturers of such products.

Hard floors are easier to clean and can be mopped with disinfectant additives.

Door Handles, desktops, controls, and certainly table tops, and arm rests, and all bathroom surfaces can be wiped down or cleaned with disinfectant wipes or solutions. We often let a solution “soak” for several minutes on bathroom surfaces and shower stalls.

Additional measures can be using removable upholstery that you can was with the, you got it, disinfectant additives.

Washing your washer with a bleach in the bleach dispenser with hot water can also kill any lingering nasties between washes, followed by an extra rinse cycle to make sure your next load of clothes don’t get burned.

Some people use bleach in a dishwashers but it’s safer to use a cup of white vinegar since at leas it’s edible, whereas bleach is not, with a cup of being soda sprinkled across the bottom of your dishwasher will help kill odors.

HEPA grade filters can be used in your HVAC system.

What are some of your ideas, and perhaps for stories from your travels of hosting in an epidemic situation?

Have you noticed a downturn in travel from your point of view these last couple of weeks since the virus has gotten more attention?


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