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What equipment is special to a BNB?

Probably the one device that is makes having a BNB most convenient

And makes self-checkin a breeze is the keyless entry system.



With this system, a guest can be a assigned a personalized code, meaning they are the only guest who have access to their code, which they can enter at anytime during their reservation period.


In other words, they can arrive at midnight and I, as a host, do not have to meet them with a key or have to be concerned about having a loose key sitting exposed on the premises.


A lock box is an alternative, but then you have to worry about the guest accidentally misplacing the key or possibly even making copies of your keys.


There are several services available to support the keyless entry, our locks require a keypad where at any time, a guest can enter their code to enter the house.


Moreover, they have the option of entering a code of their choosing.


The way this works is by adoption of the special internet called “IOT” or Internet of Things. This allows humanless connections of devices and central servers at, let’s a say, a security company whose database manages your guest codes. Quite strange and also making the process of checking in and out a much more smooth transaction.

The other way it works is that it replaces your deadbolt so that it only allows a guest to open the bolt from the outside with the code.

For the convenience of everyone involved, both you and the guest, it is suggested you use this system on every entry door to your BNB. The last I checked, the cost per rock is about $300, including life time service, but you can check for yourself the recent offerings on the market.

This kind of entry may be best applied to a BNB where the host does not reside on premises.

It does take a little time to set up but once you have it working to can also create special codes for each person that requires access to the property, or example, a maintenance tech, cleaning person, or a co-host.

It is also possible you can cancel any particular code if it is not needed anymore.


Some drawbacks that you will need to be prepared for are:

The system we use which is based on a SCHLAGE deadbolt, runs on a battery so eventually you will get a signal that the battery is weak and that you need to open the lock and replace the battery. Our has run over a year without issue.

As a backup, we offer a traditional lock box with a key inside  just in case something breaks or some other emergency occurs.


Overall, we are pleased with the service that we use and our guests would agree.



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